Push and in-app messaging are critical tools to activate your mobile customers and keep them engaged. With our mobile marketing automation platform, we provide you with everything you need to create highly targeted messaging campaigns to extend your app’s life cycle and increase customer lifetime value.

Campaign Builder

The Campaign Builder makes it easy to create and automate sophisticated mobile messaging campaigns. Our messaging campaign builder has all of the capabilities that you would expect including:
Campaign Builder


  • Rich Editor Message Composer
  • Message Preview
  • Audience segmentation
  • Rules and triggers
  • Campaign scheduling

Push Messages

To activate new users, re-engage dormant users, or win back lost customers, push messages are indispensable in driving mobile engagement.
Push Messages

Our platform makes it easy to create, target and send the right message at just the right time. We provide a range of advanced targeting capabilities to get your users back into your app including automated messaging, or even personalized messaging, giving you the ability to dynamically insert user names directly into your push messages.

We send out more than a billion push messages to more than 400 million users each month.

In-App Messages

In-App Messages

With in-app messages, you can send rich html messages to your customers that are viewed from inside your app. Especially useful when you want to get a message to your customers without the interruption of a push notification.

Create any type of in-app message you want, including messages with images, coupons, special offers, videos and social content.

When an in-app message arrives, your customer will be alerted with a notification badge or a custom sound that the user associates with your brand.

In-app messages can also be integrated with the Message Inbox to provide a deeper level of engagement with your customers.



Get personal with your push notifications and send messages that are dynamically personalized with relevant user info. With Dynamic Messaging, in the same way you create emails with merged fields, you can now do the same with push messages. The result is better performing push campaigns. We support three types of custom fields that can be populated with dynamic content including numeric field, string field and date field.

Best Time To Send

Best Time to Send

Best Time To Send is our own proprietary self-learning algorithm that analyzes each user’s past app activation history as well as interactions with past notifications, then learns when they are most likely to open a message. Messages are then scheduled to arrive at these optimal times, resulting in higher open rates.

Automated Messaging

Automated Messaging

Automated messages are key to activating new customers while also keeping existing customers engaged. Like an auto-responder email, automated push messages are predefined and sent to customers based upon rules and triggers that you define.

Automated campaigns are based on user behavior location, last activation, OS, device type, app version and your own custom tags.

Automated messages are best used to increase new user activations, win-back lost users, and increase customer loyalty.

Deep Linking

Android Advanced Rich Push


On Android 4.0 or higher devices, take your basic push notifications to the next level by making them more visually enticing and appealing with Android Rich Push.

Customize the size of your notification and add varied titles, colors, graphics and body text to make your message stand out amongst the sea of standard push notifications.

Use Advanced Rich Push sparingly and strategically for special events, announcements and promotions that you want to give extra visual “oomph” to ensure that users will take action.


Teradata provides multiple ways to segment and target your audience so that you can deliver relevant and engaging messages to your customers. Our platform has robust out of the box, built-in segments as well as the ability to target users based on any custom data.

Custom Data

Custom Data
Use your own customer data to segment and target your users however you wish. For example, target by account balance, item purchase amounts, user birthdays or any other data point you have on hand. In addition, you can influence the movement of your users from one stage of the app funnel to another—targeting users who downloaded your app but never registered, or registered but never made an in-app purchase.

In-app Behavior

You can also use tags to mark any custom event which happens within your application. For example, if a user has purchased a specific item, signed up with Facebook connect or performed any other action.

Last Activation

Last ActivationLast activation date is a powerful trigger to combat churn and convert infrequent users into loyal app customers. Last activation enables you to identify the last time a user opened your app and send them automated messages to re-engage them.


Location And Geotargeting

For retailers, hotels and other venues, location targeting is key to running successful push messaging campaigns. With location targeting, deliver the most relevant content and offers to user nearby to get them into your store. Then track campaign performance by location to see where you get the biggest lift in engagement.

OS / Device / Version

product_11Want to get your customers to upgrade to latest version of your app? Try targeting them with messages based on the app version installed on their device. With Teradata, you can segment and target your customers by app version, OS, device type or even screen size. Combined with the other filter, there’s no limit to how targeted you can get with your messages.

Analytics & Reporting

We offer a rich set of analytics to help you understand and optimize your mobile engagement campaigns. Measure the impact of your campaigns on daily activations, retention and in-app purchases. Track campaign ROI and monitor growth in app usage by customer segment.

Sends, Opens and Clicks

Sends Opens and ClicksTrack the number of messages sent, opened and clicked. Measure your push-enabled device rate. And see how your campaign performance improves over time as you become more effective in engaging customers with mobile marketing automation.

Daily + Hourly Activations

Daily ActivationOur Daily and Hourly Usage report lets you analyze how many unique users are opening the app on a given day/hour, highlighting app open rate at the time you sent a push or in-app message.

Aggregated Analytics

Aggregated AnalyticsThe dashboard aggregates campaign data across iOS and Android campaigns to give you a holistic picture of how your messages are performing

In-App Plug-Ins

We offer a variety of plug-ins for your apps, giving you more ways to engage with your customers.


Inbox NewsfeedThe Inbox plug-in is just like having an email inbox built inside your app. With the inbox, deliver important news and offers to your customers in the form of emails, without using a push notification. Alert them to your message with a badge or sound.

The inbox makes sure that all of your customers will receive every offer you send! Our inbox open rates are as high as 40-60%.

You can also configure the inbox to look like a Newsfeed, and deliver your rich messages and content in a scrolling format as on popular social media sites.

Customer Feedback Module

Give users a two-way communication channel to share what they think of your app, and respond to their comments before they share it publicly.

Customer Feedback

The feedback plug-in also lets users rate your app privately and gives you control over which reviews you want to post to Google Play or the AppStore. A surefire way to get more 4 and 5 star reviews.

Our feedback module can raise your app review scores by up to two stars.

Notification Preference Center


Give your users control of their push notifications and key features with a preference center that opens upon first use and allows them to select the type and frequency of messages they’d like to receive. For example, a content app will give users the power to choose which type of stories and news updates they will be notified about.

In addition, using a notification preference center increases the likelihood that your users will enable push notifications from the get-go.

Cross Promotion

Cross Promotion

Boost sales/downloads with a section showcasing your other apps that links directly to the App Store. Add as many apps as you like and link directly to where users can download the app. Customize the interface of the Cross Promotion area so it fits in nicely with your site.


Our technology is designed to handle billions of messages per month. Our architecture scales easily along with your growing apps.

Server-to-Server Integration

S2S Integration

Plug-in to our backend with our server-to-server API and manage your messaging campaigns directly. Apply your own business rules and logic to trigger automated or personalized messages. Keep your users segments in sync between Teradata and your internal systems while still getting the full performance of our platform.

Using an alias mechanism, our S2S integration doesn’t require us to hold any personally identifiable information of your users.

Delivery Rate

Delivery Rate

With more than a billion messages sent a month, we have the infrastructure to deliver large volumes of messages within seconds.



We have a variety of SDKs all tailored to meet your needs. We’ve got Android & iOS SDKs, iOS Thin Push, and SDKs with in-app plug-ins baked in.


From initial planning calls to understand your needs to implementation, troubleshooting, and ongoing strategic and technical support, we’ve got you covered.

Success Management

Success Management

Our vast experience across business verticals will help you build an effective mobile marketing automation strategy. Receive ongoing, one-on-one dedicated consulting from our Success Management team to help you plan, execute and optimize effective push campaigns.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Receive dedicated technical support from our experts when questions, issues or problems arise. Our programmers and engineers have years of experience in dealing with the effective implementation and ongoing maintenance of our mobile marketing automation solutions.