Increase Engagement,
Retention and Revenues

A powerful platform for creating personalized
messages delivered to the right user at the right time.





    “On a recent campaign to win back dormant users, we saw an increase of over 25% in activations on the day of and day after the push, multiplying our revenues by 2-3x!

    Albert Martinez, Operations Manager

    “Working with Appoxee has been great. We use them to introduce new apps, inform of new updates and offer special promotions. Using the in-app inbox to cross promote our apps, we saw a 33% increase in activations, and a 4% conversion rate from push open to download.

    Zoe Rose, Digital Project Manager
    Spiral Solutions

    Enhanced features such as Best Time to Send have given me the opportunity to target customers during their peak time on device to optimize effectiveness. The traction after sending a push almost triples if not more in daily usage. Another added value is the team’s dedicated service. Appoxee is organized, user friendly and responsive.”

    Candice Evrard, Mobile Marketing Manager