Increase Engagement,
Retention and Revenues

A powerful platform for creating personalized
messages delivered to the right user at the right time.




    Push & In-App Messages

    Push Messaging

    Our platform makes it easy to target, personalize and automate push and in-app messages to get the most out of your existing user base.

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    Automated, Yet Personalized Messages

    Automated Messages

    Send messages based on any user data or behavior. Automate your campaigns to continuously increase user engagement.

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    Robust Analytics


    Track campaign results and monitor growth in app usage by customer segment. Instantly measure the impact of your campaigns.

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    Inbox + Feedback

    In-app Inbox

    A custom branded inbox built inside your app used to deliver news and offers without using push notifications. Give users a two way communication channel to share what they think of your app, and respond to their comments.

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    We needed a simple and hassle free solution to help improve app engagement. Appoxee understands the needs and processes of our games and are completely engaged in the delivery of the best solution. Using Appoxee, we see a nice increase in revenues.

    Albert Martinez, Operations Manager

    “Working with Appoxee has been great. We use them to introduce new apps, inform of new updates and offer special promotions. Using the in-app inbox to cross promote our apps, we saw a 33% increase in activations, and a 4% conversion rate from push open to download.

    Zoe Rose, Digital Project Manager

    Features like Best Time To Send, Automatic Messaging and Cross Promotion are a huge factor in increasing usage and revenues from our promotions.”

    Dane Homenick, Founder, CEO, The Berzapp Lab